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Jay & Lacey Rhodes


What started in 2012 as nothing more than a hobby gym has turned into a cornerstone of fitness in Stoney Creek. Outlaw North is home to a vibrant community full of people looking to get more out of life, using fitness as the vessel. 2015 was a turning point for Outlaw North. Jay & Lacey were both teaching high school and managing to run the gym around their busy schedules. There were long days and sleepless nights wondering not only if the gym could be their main thing, but if it would be around in 2-3 more years. The passion for fitness was always there; the desire to help people change their lives hadn’t wavered; but running a gym is not for the faint of heart. Finally realizing “we don’t know what we don’t know” they sought out business mentorship with no way of knowing what would come in the years to follow. Much like a new member of the gym finding the right coaches and people to be around, the couple now had a roadmap for which to operate- and they rest as they say, is history. They have grown the gym year over year, built a stellar team of coaches, thrived through a pandemic, and helped thousands in individuals create better quality of life through health & fitness. We understand what it means to change lives and have had the honour to do so with countless individuals. It would be our pleasure to work with you.

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