The Grand Finale at a magic show- we thought The Great Houdini was standing on stage, but with the quick wave of a curtain- he was gone. 
Our brain is left processing- How could this be? What happened?
The trap door of course. 

Imagine another scenario- where every $1 we deposit into an account, $0.50 goes missing. 

That wouldn’t make me too happy either. 

Now follow me for a second- I believe many of us are unknowingly setting up this type of scenario with our nutrition. 
We think we’re doing the right thing, but we’re really setting up a trap door where we effectively lose out on many of the benefits we’re working hard for. 

Under eating is a common one, and you probably don’t realize you’re doing it.
Not eating enough through the day is another.

Both set up scenarios where our body isn’t in an optimal state to build muscle, burn fat, or keep blood glucose and insulin levels relatively stable. 
Yep, there’s a hormonal response each and every time we eat. 

There’s lots more ways we sabotage our results too. 

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “I know what to do with nutrition, it’s just a matter of doing it” over the last decade. 
And while it’s partly true, it’s also largely untrue. 

You could say the same thing about operating a business- “Well, you just come up with a business plan, hire some people, and then money.” 


Or saving/getting out of debt. There’s only so many variables to play with- most people understand what has to happen- but they don’t know how to do it. 

Enter a coach. 

Coaches can look at your situation objectively. We have trusted resources. We can pull from hundreds or sometimes thousands of other situations based on experience. 

We all think our situations are unique- and sometimes they are- but there are so many commonalities that if a coach has a track record of helping create success with others, chances are they’ll be able to help create success with you too. 

If- and it’s a big if– you’re willing to be coached. 

Back to overestimating our ability to be successful on our own. 
A few weeks ago, we posed a question on Instagram stories. 
“What’s harder? Exercise or Nutrition?”
There were nearly 40 responses and 95% said Nutrition- yet I would imagine way more people have had a fitness coach than have had a nutrition coach. 

We’ve posted the same question again today- and I bet the results end up very similar. 

At the end of the day- our physical bodies are the report card of our habits over time. 
Sorry, I know that one may sting a little. 

But it can also be empowering if you choose to take it that way. 

We can be in control- sometimes we just need some more tools in our toolbox. 

If you’re wanting to move the needle a little bit and drop some body fat whether it be for health reasons or performance reasons- we can help. 

And it’s probably not what you think either- we’re not going to restrict all your favourite foods, make all your food bland, or make you eat broccoli eight times a day. 

We’re now offering Free 15 minute Nutrition Discovery Meetings (can be in person or over zoom). By the end of this 15 minutes, you’ll have an idea of how we can help you specifically, and whether it’s something to move forward with. 

We’ll be able to set up realistic expectations too- if some minor tweaks and keeping you accountable for a few weeks is all that’s needed, that’s what we’ll do. If we’re looking to make some major lifestyle changes and/or lose a lot of weight, that’s something that will take more time.

Think you could use some help?
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