No Stopping Toni

Toni has been a mainstay at Outlaw North since August of 2017- and another one of our great examples of heading into these winter lockdown months with no excuses. Toni has upped her game from an average of 3 workouts per week to 5 or 6.

Toni is the Manager of Business Development for Winners & Marshalls central region- looking after inventory planning of stores in Ontario. She and husband Shayne are also going through home renovations that have taken much longer than expected (isn’t that always the case?).

I’m sure the couch or a bottle of wine looks more enticing than a workout at the time.

“Working out has kept me in check and helped manage my stress level in a time of so many ups and downs.”

Something that Toni is doing a terrific job of, and I am certain is playing part in her success, is using all her resources.

I’ve really worked on listening to my body, and asking my coach for help when I anticipate I may struggle.

Tracking my nutrition has been something I’ve avoided for years but it’s really helped fuel my body to maintain more consistent workouts. I started with it slowly and now it seems easy.

My mindset is all about being happy with movement every day- big or small. I’m moving and progressing at my own pace and asking for friends to jump in and help along the way.

I’ll do workouts alone, join in on the Zoom class, FaceTime with a friend- I have so many options to make things enjoyable.

I’m proud that I’ve been able to take care of myself as well as I have this year and CrossFit Outlaw North has played a major role in that. Even though we don’t see each other in person right now, the community is strong and we’re still there for each other.

Another thing Toni added is something I am particularly impressed with- as I’ve seen far to often that working out becomes a stress of it’s own. We can get so focused on what we can’t do, rather than understanding that a even great structure is built brick-by-brick.

She described it as getting out of her own way.

I take it one workout at a time, not worrying about what weight I should do or have done- getting out of my own way, I guess.

I have goals, but I’m not hung up on them- just gradually chipping away.

My dad is turning 92 and thankfully very healthy. There’s no secret- he walks every day, eats lots of veggies, lifts buckets of cement in the basement and does pullups, drinks 1 litre of water a day without fail, and is on no medication.

He’s a great example and a constant reminder that I have to do it- no one else is going to do it for me.

Toni is a great example of someone who understands that her success ultimately falls on her own shoulders, but isn’t afraid to ask for help.