Programming Week of Oct 12-17

Each week as I’m going through and creating/tweaking programming I get pretty excited about the week to come.

Part of the beauty of the CrossFit methodology is that (if done right) we’re able to hit so many different types of workouts.
Different movements, different intention, different stimulus, different results, different benefits.

I’m going to do my best to give a little more insight into how to get what you want out of your workouts.

As always- listen to your coaches, ask questions, take the movement/weight recommendations. Be coachable.

Think about what you want and plan out your week.

Coach Jay


MONDAY – Heavy Power Cleans, Threshold Partner Intervals
Main Benefits:
-Athletic Development
-Anaerobic Development (high power output)
-Fat Loss
-Fun (who doesn’t love throwing around some weight and working with a partner)

TUESDAY – Heavyish Overhead Work, Row/Toes to bar/Push Jerk
Main Benefits:
-Overhead Strength
-Midline (core/ab) Strength
-Full body workout

WEDNESDAY – On the 10:00 Intervals
Main Benefits:
-Aerobic Development (endurance)
-Mental Toughness/Ability to Grind

THURSDAY – Sumo Deadlifts, Heavy Deads/Skipping/Strict Handstand Pushups or Pushups
Main Benefits:
-Strength, strength, strength
-Building Muscle
-Core Strength
-Grip Strength
-Upper Body Pushing Strength

FRIDAY – Partner Sprint Intervals
Main Benefits:
-Fat loss
-Anaerobic Development (high power output)
-Muscular Endurance
-Mental Toughness- don’t fall off the pace

SATURDAY – DB Push & Pull, Rowing Helen
Main Benefits:
-Upper Body Push & Pull Strength
-Muscular Endurance
-Anaerobic Development
-Grip Strength