10 Years in 10 Seconds

When I started CrossFit back in 2009, I would spend HOURS reading the CrossFit Journal scouring for videos on technique, reading articles on T-Nation, and of course the CrossFit message boards where I met lots of helpful people who had been on this path longer than me. I already had another years of training experience under my belt, but there was so much that was new to me.

The question I was trying to answer was simple- and one you probably ask yourself routinely as well- “How do I get better?”

Back then, Glenn Pendlay was walking around in sandals and cargo shorts coaching Olympians and posting training sessions on YouTube. The Russians always had drills no one else knew. *In heavy Russian accent* We learn this drill back before barbell- back when snatching cow in field.

I personally spent a TON of time in these corners of the internet- and now, you don’t have to.

The tens of thousands of people out there like me searching for the answer “How do I get better?” have grown up now.

Some are fortunate enough to have gyms and have built amazing teams around them (shout out to the TEAM!).

Even when I’m not coaching, I’m SUPER aware of what’s going on around me.
If I can help you with pacing during a long workout, I will.
If I see some angles off on your deadlift, I’ll help.
If I see a little correctable detail in your movement- I’ll send a coach over your way.

Those tens of thousands of hours spent digging, learning, honing, and refining are now concentrated down so that you can walk into the gym and be delivered a few quick, concise sentences from a coach and have something “click”.

I can have you looking better on a snatch in 30 minutes, than I did after a year of “pull and pray” type lifting.

There are millions of ideas and techniques, but only a few that may be relevant to you and move you forward RIGHT NOW.

That’s coaching.