Brittany Goes From 0 to 100- Literally.

How could you possibly go from not being able to do a situp to doing over 100 in a single workout?

Well, throw in two C-sections and having your appendix removed and there’s a good idea of the starting point.

Meet Brittany.

Brittany started with us last January in the Dumbbell & Diapers, our post-natal program for women looking to regain their fitness.
Britt stuck with Coach Ashley through the lockdown months, meeting with the other ladies on zoom to continue with their workouts.

Since then she’s graduated through Mom Strong (our post-natal 2.0 program) and is now in CrossFit group training.

We sat down last week to go over her results and do some follow up goal-setting and she told me in May she couldn’t do a situp.

That night she did over 100.

“I’m proud of staying on track and continuing to push my fitness forward this year. It could have easily gone a different direction, but I’m WAY stronger.”

I feel good when I eat right, so the next step is dialling in my nutrition a little more.”

There are few things more empowering than struggling with something and then feeling like you’ve got it figured out and are on the right path.

We’re looking forward to the next check-in with Brittany!

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