No Excuses- Julia’s First Year of CrossFit

Not exactly you’re textbook “first year of CrossFit”- but in the end, the results are largely the same.

“I joined Outlaw North in January of 2020, three months after the birth of my daughter. My goals were simple: (1) to just do something for myself and for the betterment of my health, and (2) to become stronger physically.”

I remember meeting Julia actually- we had a great chat and when I found out she had a 3-month old daughter I recommended Dumbbells & Diapers, our post-natal program.

“I think I want to go into the main program.”

Ok- you got it!

“Although I’d been exposed to Crossfit in the past, I would say that I was a beginner in pretty much every sense of the word. Prior to joining Outlaw North, I was never able to maintain a consistent or effective fitness routine nor did I have the confidence in myself to do so!

We started 1:1 and were off to a great start- and then, less than 8 weeks later we were in the first lockdown.

She didn’t waiver. If anything, she became MORE consistent. Not without it’s challenges through.

Julia is in school with a full course load, works as a TA, sees psychotherapy clients on a weekly basis, and puts in time in the research lab.
Oh, and don’t forget being a first time parent.

“This year certainly has not been without its challenges – from going into lockdown just two months after joining the gym, to a brief bout of working out in masks, to yet another lockdown. It’s hard to say whether I would’ve continued through this had I been a member of any other gym, but what I can say is that the support and genuinely good coaching from the team at Outlaw North has been a very important reason for me to stick around.”

Her first year has been anything but traditional in the sense of what most people expect when they sign up for a gym. It’s yet another example of being adaptable and understanding that our service is coaching- which can take on many forms.

In the end- we’re making great progress on both of her goals; and ultimately, isn’t that what she wanted?

I’ve noticed myself also gaining strength (e.g., no longer using a training bar for ALL barbell workouts or moving up in weight with DBs or KBs), and that’s been very encouraging to say the least. Unlike in the past, I have been consistent and I do now have the confidence to continue on. In that regard, I would say that is what I’m most proud of from the past year. I’m genuinely grateful to have found this gym and believe there is something providential about the crossing of our paths.