The Symphony Of Wellness: Part IV – Exercise

The media does a great job of painting wellness as this grueling process where the only way to feel better is to suffer first. That is so wrong and ridiculous! In fact, I know some simple things you can do right now that will have immediate positive effects by tomorrow! I have worked with so many clients who came to their first meeting braced for me to take away everything they love and throw a strict meal plan and exercise regime at them. For the record, I have never handed out a single meal plan. The plan we build together is based completely on the client’s current lifestyle, with small habits mastered one by one. Years later, these clients are still living their best life!

Think of your body as an instrument in a beautiful symphony. A symphony, by definition, has four parts. While each part is beautiful on its own, the movements in their entirety complete the magnificence that is the symphony. Our wellness responds in quite the same way. Wellness is not just one action, its multiple actions working together toward achieving something great! These actions motivate one another, to achieve optimum wellness. The four areas of wellness I want to address include sleepwaternutrition, and exercise. Each on their own are excellent places to start. However, giving attention to all areas will create a great Symphony of Wellness.


The cliché is correct “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” Without giving the other three areas some attention, you won’t see optimal progress in this area. However, moving your body is never a waste! If getting moving is where you struggle, put your focus on finding something you enjoy and something you can track. Keep a log of what you do either on your phone apps, smart watch, or in a notebook. Tracking your progress is key to seeing your progress and being motivated to continuously improve.

If you’re just starting off, aim for 30 minutes of movement that elevates your heartrate three times per week. If you don’t wear a heartrate monitor, just make sure you sweat! Feel free to mix it up. When I train, I train CrossFit five or so times per week and supplement with other cardio and long walks. This gives me variety and allows me to move based on how my body is feeling. It works for me and it’s what I enjoy. Fitness is a personal journey, and everyone will benefit from their own unique prescription. This changes over time as you get stronger and your goals transform. Remember BodyBreak? When I was a kid, their commercials would come on and always concluded with the same mantra “Keep fit and have fun!” The exercise plan you choose for yourself needs to be enjoyable. A workout buddy, coach, or some sort of accountability/support system will also help you stay on track!

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No matter where you start in these four areas, it should not feel like work. While there is effort required, the changes you make to your existing lifestyle need to be small and steady. Pick a quick win for yourself, like drinking that cup of water first thing in the morning for a week. See how you feel and how easy that little change was. Next, go to your bed and see if you can make some easy improvements like closing the blinds, or setting up your work PC at the kitchen table instead of your bed. After that, you could sit and make a grocery list following the perimeter shopping plan. Finally, get out and move! Go for a walk if that’swhat today looks like. Take it slow and enjoy the Symphony of Wellness!