What’s With All The White Jeeps?!

If you’re thinking about buying a new vehicle- you start to notice that vehicle. 

I really noticed this for the first time a few years back when Lacey started talking about a white Jeep. 

The sound of her voice saying “white Jeep” is burned in my brain. 

I’m not going to lie- it’s a nice colour on a Jeep Wrangler. 

But then we started to see them everywhere

It seemed like everyone had gone out and bought white Jeeps overnight!

Did we notice all the grey Honda Odyssey’s or blue Ford Focus’?


We weren’t seeing them because we weren’t looking for them. 

As human beings, we’re sort of wired to be “fixers”. 

To sometimes see the negative and fix, rather than see the positive and celebrate. 

I know I’ve caught myself in this a few times lately. 

But as human beings, we also have a very high level of consciousness. 

We know when we’re doing something, so long as we’re not shut off, or in autopilot. 

What I will challenge you to do- and I will do the same- is to be more conscious in one area of your life. 

Just one. 

And you can even choose it- but give it some thought. 

A few examples:

  • taking time to find the positive rather than seeing the negative
  • setting limits on your work and not letting it fill your day
  • really “seeing” your spouse or partner
  • effort in your workouts
  • choose one meal to improve on (make it one early in the day to have success later)

Totally up to you what to choose- or whether to choose an anything at all.

We all feel emotions- that’s not going anywhere. 

Our actions, however- those are choices

When you feel an emotion like anger or frustration is it maybe linked back to focusing on the negative aspect of something? 

Do the actions you take based on this emotion help or harm? 

If your ability to make time for yourself with constructive habits seems impossible take a couple of days and do an inventory of your time. Where is it being spent? 12+ hour days focused on work? 3-5+ hours of screen time? Those are problems. Find time to take care of yourself- hit a workout, go for a walk or hike. Pay attention to how you feel after. 

Fighting with your spouse or partner? Are you seeing their side? 

Maybe there is an easier solution than you think. Sometimes it just takes peeling back a few layers of the onion to get there. 

Start empowering yourself with good things in your life. 

Find the positive. Find the solution. 

Think of 5 great things that have happened in your life in 2020. 
(Share them with me- I’d love to read them- jay@outlawnorth.com)

That should get you thinking positive. 

Now think about your one area to change- and do it.

A thought exercise is nothing without action.

There is good all around you. 

To see it, you must be willing to look for it. 

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