You’re “Out Of Shape”- What To Do?

If you’re reading this then you likely don’t need me to tell you that your health & fitness is the number one importance in your life. Even though I’m sure all of you know this, I know not everyone gives it the priority it deserves. 

I’ve had countless articles sent my way that discuss the link between obesity and death or serious problems when contracting Covid-19. You have probably read them or heard about it on the news. 

It’s not really news though. There’s a term called “survival of the fittest” that has been around for millions of years. 

“Strength will NEVER be a weakness” – strong muscles, strong bones, strong joints, strong immune systems – Strong People!

There are a ton of stories out there about the cancer survivor who did amazing things or the triple amputee who wins multiple Invictus games. These people have had what people would refer to as a “wake up call”. They flirted with death and realized they needed to live better, live more!

Fitness unlocks a world of opportunities. 

Climbing mountains with your kids – easy. 

Playing a pickup game of soccer – easy. 

Running to catch a bus – easy. 

Well, they all should be easy for you, you’re HUMAN! Our bodies are capable of almost anything and if yours isn’t then it’s time to make it that way.

This pandemic should be the world’s wake up call. It’s not OK to be unfit & unhealthy. We (you) can control this. The positives are endless so I’m not going to even begin – you know them.

Start slow – 3 times a week in the gym is more than enough if you’re new to it. Just remember 3 hours is only 1.78% of the week, which means there’s a lot of the time spent outside of the gym. Don’t be discouraged if you work real hard for those 3 hours and don’t see much progress to start, it will take time.

You will want to look at your sleep, your nutrition and your relationships. How are they helping you with your lifestyle change? How are your stress levels? Is it all worth it?

Just show up – one of my worst kept secrets! 

I talk about this so much I should get it tattooed on my forehead… 

You want to be strong and healthy? Build in the good habits, slowly get rid of the bad. 

Simple. Not easy. 

Just keep showing up day after day, week after week. Have your coach work with you on your nutrition. 

So many people think eating to satisfy your goals is complex.

It’s really not. You just need to have something to work for that means something to you- and more most people a coach who can guide them and keep them accountable. 

Not every day will be easy – you need to find that thing that gets you in the mood. For a lot of our members, it’s showing up at the gym. Right now it may be meeting with their workout buddy, or showing up on zoom knowing others will be there. 

Make it your priority to do that one thing that sets the ball rolling to being successful in your journey.