One Of The Toughest Spaces To Reopen You Say?

I was sent an article this morning by one of our members with the headline “The gym will be one of the toughest spaces to reopen, experts say.”

Here’s the thing- 

“The gym” is probably referring to big box gyms. 

Goodlife, Gold’s, Fit4Less, Premier (is that still around?). 

Yes, I would agree those places are in trouble. 

They’ve operated on a model that has been flawed for a long time. 

They’re selling access. 

If you know exactly what you’re doing and have the disclipine to do it- great. 

For many, it’s not going to be the answer- and they know this. 

The fees are just low enough that you’ll probably not want to cancel it- like that old cell phone contract you’ve hung onto for so long- even though you’re not going. 

If everyone who has a “gym membership” showed up consistently those places would have a huge problem- their whole model is that you don’t show up that often. 

The difference when we re-open is this:

Big box gyms are still selling access- and when you have to all of the sudden limit access times and numbers of people, that’s a big problem. 

It just doesn’t work anymore. 

Micro-gym models are different. 

We’ve never sold access. 

We sell coaching. We sell solutions. 

Haven’t been active in 10 years and are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Let’s set you up with some personal training to begin with- we’ll meet you where you’re at. Then as you get more comfortable, maybe we stick with that 1:1 coaching relationship, or maybe we move over to group classes. A little less accountability to show up than with a 1:1 appointment, but the energy of a group is a powerful motivator. 

Have 50 lbs to lose? Let’s talk nutrition coaching. Not gimmicks. Not fads. Stuff that works and wont set you up to fail down the road once we have our “before & after”. 

We’ve always limited the number of people in the building at one time. 

There’s always been a set schedule for our operations. 

Add in some buffer for cleaning procedures, mark out spaces on the floor (once we know the guidelines from the government)… doesn’t seem too tough. 

Now, I’m not being naive- I know we’ve got a tough road ahead. 

But I’ve never been one to shy away from tough. 

In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud to do what we do. 

We’ve always known being strong and healthy can help you live a better life. 

Not in my lifetime have we ever had such a focus on health, and people concerned with how to boost their immune systems. 

When I started CrossFit back in 2009, one of the well known strength coaches Mark Rippetoe was known for saying “strong people are harder to kill” and I always sort of thought about it in a back alley evade or defend yourself type of way- but I think we’re all understanding it in a much different way right now. 

Health and fitness has never been more important- and I’m honoured to serve in the road that lies ahead.