When Should I Get Started? How Often Do I Work Out?

I had a good friend recently start at a gym in Guelph and ask me some advice- as always, if there’s one person asking, there are probably many people asking.

If you’re looking to start a fitness program- this is for you.

When should I get started?

My advice is simple. If you’re uncomfortable with the path you’re on- you should start now.

That would be my advice whether you’re looking at my gym, a different one, or hitting workouts in your basement.

Just start.

You should not be having this same conversation 6 months from now. Take some action.

There’s always going to be a reason to put something off- a work project, busy schedule, or sudden expense that gets in the way.

There is no right time to start, only excuses to be found.

How Often Should I Work Out?

We get new folks started at the gym all the time.

I recommend no less that 3 days per week- but also in the beginning usually no more (it depends).

The most important factor- how outside of your current lifestyle is this change?

If we’re not currently exercising it’s a pretty big change. The rhythm of a day on and a day off can be great to build momentum and not ask to much of yourself too soon.

You can get GREAT results from 3x per week CONSISTENTLY.

I’ve seen way too many people over the years go all-or-nothing (it’s called all-or-nothing for a reason…), start out 5x per week, say things like “I’m going to be your crazy success story” and then 6 months later they are nowhere to be found.

Maybe you’ve even done this before? It’s not uncommon.

This type of approach we prefer allows your motivation to build, not drop.

You don’t need to go all-in, and I’ll say it again- you probably shouldn’t go all in. But you can’t find roughly 3 hours per week to devote to your health & fitness then in my humble opinion, you’ve got some life choices to make.

The benefits are simply just to much to ignore.

What’s the one thing that when faulters, affects everything?
Your health & fitness.

Act accordingly.